What is a Service Enterprise (SE)?

  • Points of Light’s Service Enterprise program strengthens nonprofit capacity

      through the fundamental and strategic use of volunteers and their skills to

      address community needs. Click here to learn about Points of Light.

  • A Service Enterprise is an organization that strategically leverages

      volunteers to achieve operational efficiency and greater social impact. 

  • Service Enterprises are among the top 11 percent of nonprofits in the

      country in volunteer management and organizational performance.

      The Literacy Network is proud to join this group of over 500

      hard-working organizations.

  • Research conducted by TCC Group and Deloitte shows that nonprofits operating as a SE are as effective as peers but at almost half the median budget, and significantly more adaptable, sustainable and scalable. 

How did the Literacy Network get involved/become certified as a Service Enterprise?

  • Cincinnati Cares is a Service Enterprise Hub, which means they lead the Points of Light SE certification process in Ohio. Cincinnati Cares invited seven nonprofits to be part of the first cohort in Cincinnati and the Literacy Network was privileged to accept the challenge and improve volunteerism and efficiency.

  • Through this vigorous process, the Literacy Network worked to improve volunteerism by addressing different characteristics of our organization and strengthening many different areas, with the ultimate goal of creating more impact.

  • To read more about our experience, click: Literacy Network Earns Prestigious Certification.

Special thanks to our outstanding army of volunteers! You truly are the backbone of our organization and the SE

certification would not have been possible without your commitment to helping us create a literate, thriving community!

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POL - Service Enterprise - 2021 Certific